Extra billing policy

Most medical services will be covered by OHIP. The Patient's health card must be presented at every visit. If the health card is not presented or is not valid, then payment must be received by cash or cheque at the time of the appointment, or the appointment can be rescheduled until such time as a valid card is presented.  There are some services provided that are not covered by OHIP and must be paid for by cash or cheque only. A list of the most common uninsured services is provided below.

Uninsured Services List

Effective September 15th, 2015 the physicians at the Kinderclinic will be charging for uninsured services per the following rates as suggested by the Ontario Medical Association. With the exception of transfer of medical records, payment must be made in cash or cheque prior to the document being released.

School/Camp forms                                                      $25.00

Letter of Diagnosis for School                                     $45.00

Sick notes/Work notes                                                  $15.00

Transfer of Medical Records                                        $30.00 for first 20 pages and $0.25 per page thereafter

Disability Tax Credit Form                                           $40.00

Insurance Forms                                                           $125.00

Vaccines given for travel purposes

or optional vaccines such as Twinrix, Menactra

or Bexsero                                                                    $10.00 (cost of injection only - does not include cost of                                                                                          vaccine)   

* for uninsured services not listed above an estimate of cost will be provided prior to the service being completed

* each of the above costs assumes no extraordinary complexity and/or follow-up information requests which would increase the cost of the service – an estimate of any additional cost will be given before the service is performed