Flu, Flu and more Flu

Once again, we are in the thick of flu (or influenza) season. This year has been particularly bad for young children. I hear many people asking at this time of year, "is it too late for the flu shot. My child is always sick, so our doctor doesn't want to give it".

My answer, is it isn't too late to give the flu shot. Flu season can last well into the spring. And if we were to wait for a child not to be sick at this time of year, we would never find the "right time" to give the vaccine.

In general, the flu vaccine (and other vaccines) are safe to be given, even if the child is sick with a cold or mild fever. The only time I would not give it is if the child was extremely unwell with a high fever or other significant illness. But just having a cold is no reason not to give the flu shot.

Children are dying in Canada of influenza this year. Many children.

So please get yourself and your child vaccinated. It is not too late.


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